This vessel uniquely combines the classic lines of the Wharram-designed Tiki 26 sailboat with leading-edge electric propulsion technology. She is an environmentally friendly boat that is fun, quiet, and relaxing to be on, cheap to operate, and easy to maintain. She has been lightly used and is in excellent condition.

This Tiki 26 was built in the Netherlands in 2020 and originally used a small outboard engine for auxiliary power. After being imported to Japan, an electric propulsion system was installed.

Most recently operated as a dive boat, this vessel could be used for extensive coastal cruising, nautical camping, family weekend getaways, or sunset dinner cruises for tourists. With sister ships having crossed oceans, the really adventurous sailor could take her offshore!

Hull TypeCatamaran
Hull MaterialWood-Fiberglass
Hull Speed6.9 knots
Cruising Speed5 knots
Cruising AreaEnkai
MotorsAquamot x 2
Batteries48V Lithium-Titanium-Oxide x 2
Motor Power4.3KW per Motor
JCI CertificationSeptember 23, 2027
Passenger Limit9 (6+3)

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Tiki 26 Design

James Wharram used traditional Polynesian boat-design concepts and principles to design high-performance catamarans. The flexibility of the Wharram design makes the boats better able to handle the stress of rough sea conditions. All Wharram boats are renowned for their seaworthiness, stability, and simplicity, as well as for being fun and fast.

The slim V-shaped hulls of Wharram-design boats have excellent speed-length ratios, and the canoe sterns have minimum drag even when fully loaded. As a result, no keels or daggerboards are required to allow the boat to sail to windward, meaning that it can safely enter shallow areas and be easily beached.

This vessel features a custom-made mast-step base that allows the mast to be easily raised and lowered. With a total sail area of 26.5sq.m., she has a mainsail with two reefs and a jib with one reef. There are two sail covers.

She comes with her own trailer, and she can be easily dismantled to be moved to a new location or put into a shipping container. (The purchase price includes, if requested by the buyer, the cost to dismantle the vessel and move her to a domestic or international shipping location.)

Electric Propulsion

When not skimming along the waves under sail, this Tiki 26 can be quietly powered by an advanced electric propulsion system.

The vessel is driven by two 4.3kW pod motors, made in Austria by Aquamot, the market leader in powerful, high-quality, pollution-free boat motors. Aquamot pod motors are highly regarded for:

  • Having minimal drag through the water, made possible by a folding two-blade propeller and a design based on state-of-the-art resistance-optimization computer models;
  • Their unrivaled thrust value and efficiency;
  • Their exceptional robustness and reliability;
  • Being quieter than all other electric marine engines.

Powering the motors are two rechargeable Toshiba 48V SCIB batteries. These 3kWh lithium-titanium-oxide batteries charge faster than conventional lithium-ion batteries and are highly regarded for their long lifespan, exceptional low-temperature performance, and high input/output power.

In the cockpit, a double-throttle control allows the skipper to operate the two motors.

The vessel, including its electric propulsion system, met the rigorous safety and operational requirements of the Japan Small Craft Inspection Agency (JCI).

Exterior Information

The center cockpit can comfortably accommodate eight people and has a stainless steel frame for a sunshade. There are two lockers with ample storage on both the starboard and port sides.

Forward of the mast is a wooden platform (4.6m x 2m) for relaxing, storing diving equipment, and more. The vessel also comes with a low table designed to securely fit on the platform. And, as with all Tiki 26s, it would be easy to put a tent on the platform for nautical camping.

Interior Information

Both hulls have ample space for sails, life jackets, supplies, tools, and other equipment. It is possible to sleep one person in each hull.

Batteries and motor controllers are located in the stern of each hull, with electrical panels mounted near each hull entrance.


  • 4.3kW Aquamot pod motors with AC speed controllers (2)
  • 3kWh 48V Toshiba SCIB batteries with charge controllers (2)
  • 1kWh 48V Toshiba SCIB battery with charge controllers (back-up to main batteries)
  • Victron Cerbo GX communication center, with a GX Touch 70 display
  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 solar charge controllers (2) (solar panels not included)
  • Victron Orion-Tr 48/12-volt isolated DC-DC converter
  • Garmin transom-mount transducer
  • Galaxy Tab Active Pro, a rugged tablet computer, used especially for the Garmin ActiveCaptain chartplotter and for battery status/performance monitoring
  • 12V batteries plus charge controllers (2), used for running the navigation lights, the Victron and Garmin equipment, and the computer.

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