Arriving in Japan

This website provides most of the information you need for clearing in to Japan. Most important, you need to submit a Pre-Arrival Procedure Form more than 24 hours before arriving.

Secruity Information of Ship – Japan Coast Guard

Charting Software

New pec is a Japan-specific charting software developed by the Japan Hydrographic Association. Although available as a laptop version or built in to various chartplotters, the best version is new pec smart, an iPad/iPhone or Android app. It is great!! It has MUCH better detail than the Japan charts on CMAP, Navionics, and OpenCPN and comes with a LOT of very useful bells and whistles. Once you use it, you can't imagine cruising without it and will wonder why the same template has not been applied to overseas charts. Unfortunately, though, it's only available on the Japan stores for Apple and Google Play and only in Japanese. It's very easy and intuitive to use, however, so a Japanese friend can probably help you figure it out, or Konpira Consulting offers a start-up tutorial and ongoing support.

new pec smart

Charts and Other Information

Order them through the website of the Japan Hydrographic Association. In addition to all the small-scale charts for your cruising area (as a minimum), we especially recommend buying charts showing the location of fixed fishing nets ("set-net charts") and, for those planning on cruising in Japan for a long time, the S-Guides (books with chartlets for almost all Japanese ports; no longer available in book form but one can pay for a download and then print it out). Note, though, that if you have new pec (see above) then you don't need anything else, except whatever paper charts you desire for your own peace of mind.

Japan Nautical Chart Web Shop

Closed-Port Permit Application

Unless a port is specifically declared "Open," all of Japan is a "Closed Port" and foreign boats have to get advance permission for entering Closed Ports. Getting a Closed Port Permit, though, is now very easy and can be done before even arriving in Japan. The Permit covers the entire country and is valid for as long as the boat is in Japan.

How to apply for special permission for foreign pleasure boats to call at closed ports – Maritime Bureau

Current Estimates (Offshore)

To see what's happening with the offshore currents (especially the strong Kuroshio Current), click on the box that says "海流図" on the top page of this website.

Current Estimates – Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department at Japan Coast Guard

Current Calculations (Tidal)

Tidal stream prediction data – JHOD


Most (but not all) marinas and other facilities that have moorage for visiting boats are registered as Umi no Eki (Sea Stations), and information on them can be found at this website.

Sea Stations – UMI no EKI

Seto Inland Sea

This website provides a lot of very useful information for those cruising the Seto Inland Sea.

Setouchi Cruising Portal Site


Monitoring the development and movement of a typhoon, and finding a safe place to sit out a typhoon, is an important part of cruising Japan safely.

The U.S. Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center generally provides the earliest and best forecasts.

Joint Typhoon Warning Center – Naval Oceanography Portal

The Japan Meteorological Agency has recently upgraded its forecast capabilities and so is now also an excellent source of information.

Tropical Cyclone Information – Japan Meteorological Agency

Typhoon 2000 shows the track forecasts for a typhoon from all the official weather agencies in northeast Asia.

Integrated Multi-Agency Tropical Cyclone Forecast

Historic information on all the typhoons to have hit northeast Asia can be found at this website.

Digital Typhoon: Typhoon Images and Information

Weather Forecasts

Far and away the best source for weather forecasts in Japan is GPV. It is, unfortunately, only available in Japanese, but a Japanese friend can probably help you figure it out or Konpira Consulting offers a start-up tutorial and ongoing support.