Foreign Customer Support Program

More and more foreigners are discovering the wonders of cruising Japan, and that represents both a challenge and an opportunity for Japanese marinas (including Umi no Eki, or Sea Stations). Foreign cruisers represent a welcome source of new revenue for marinas but they also pose linguistic and cultural challenges for marina staff.

Konpira Consulting has therefore developed a Foreign Customer Support Program to help Japanese marinas attract and communicate effectively with the increasing number of foreign cruisers coming to Japan.


The cost of the Foreign Customer Support Program varies depending on the specific needs and size of the marina. In general, though, there is a modest annual retainer, a fixed fee for certain services, and hourly charges for other services.

Marina Management Program

Konpira Consulting works with organizations (such as private companies, local governments, tourism offices, and fishing co-operatives) to establish and upgrade their facilities and operations to meet the needs of boat owners and cruisers, Japanese and foreign. This could be for as large as a 500-boat marina or as small as a one-slip Umi no Eki.

The founder of Konpira Consulting – Kirk Patterson – has many years of experience as a senior business executive in Tokyo as well as a cruiser who has been to every part of Japan on his own boat. He therefore looks at a marina's operation from the perspective both of management efficiency and of the customer's expectations.


The cost of the Marina Management Program varies depending on the specific needs and size of the marina. In general, though, Konpira Consulting charges a modest annual retainer and then provides cost estimates for each project or activity based on an assessment of the number of hours involved.

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