As part of Konpira Consulting’s mission to help people experience the wonders of Japan’s oceans, we are expanding into the sale of marine-related products.

We will do this in several ways.

Official Dealer

Serving as Japan agent for overseas manufacturers of boat equipment.

Product Search

Conducting international searches for marine-related products and parts on behalf of clients.

Used Boats

Handling the sale of, and search for, used boats.

Moorage Systems

Supporting marinas and fishing ports wanting to install reasonably priced, innovative moorage systems.

The first step in this exciting initiative is becoming the exclusive Japan agent for Hydrovane. Not only an extremely reliable and robust windvane but also an emergency rudder/steering system, a Hydrovane is an essential piece of equipment for safe offshore cruising.

To learn more about Hydrovane, please see the Hydrovane website in English or Japanese.

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Contact us for more information on our sales activities. Feel free to write in English or Japanese.

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