In the previous "Kirk's Take," I provided a general introduction to Fukuoka and information on Fukuoka City Yacht Harbor (Odo). In this post, I highlight Nishi-Fukuoka Marina Marinoa.

Nishi-Fukuoka Marina Marinoa

Fukuoka City Yacht Harbor

Marinoa, as it is generally known, is a more upscale marina than Odo and caters to both sailboats and powerboats. It is about ten minutes east of Odo.

As shown in the map below, approach from the north, avoiding the fixed fishing nets (seasonal) and being alert for ferries and fishing boats transiting the area.

Area Map of Nishi-Fukuoka Marina Marinoa

The entrance to Marinoa is the first gap in the breakwater on one’s starboard side (the exit is the second gap), and the Visitor Docks (red flags) are the three long finger piers at the north end of the marina (one parallel to the northern breakwater and the two south of that).

Map of Nishi-Fukuoka Marina Marinoa
Middle Visitor Dock

Nishi-Fukuoka Marina Marinoa Information

Open year-round, except on Tuesdays and Dec. 29 to Jan. 3
Nishi-Fukuoka Marina Marinoa (in Japanese but with a built-in Google-translate function to put it into the language of your choice)
Marinoa is often full, so reservations are required.
Email (or contact form on their website)
  • 40' Rate: ¥5,500 / day; ¥148,000 / month (no special monthly rate, but weekly discount of one free day / week applied)
  • Same rate for catamarans
  • Maximum length: 110' (can perhaps handle up to 200’ with special arrangements)
  • Long-term visitor moorage possible, but no special rate.
  • Dryland storage possible if cradle available.
  • Payment by cash, credit card, or wire transfer.
Yes (red star on map above)
Yes (30 / 50 amp, but limited number of power posts, so confirm in advance; ¥550 / day)
Yes (¥1,100 / use)
Yes (¥200)
Garbage Disposal
Yes (washer and dryer; ¥200)
Free, in clubhouse only
Repair / Maintenance
Full range of services provided by Marinoa mechanics, bringing in outside specialists as necessary. Marinoa staff can order parts and equipment at your request.

Monohulls only - blue star on map above

  • Length: 60'
  • Weight: 25t
  • 40' Out / In Rate: ¥27,500
  • Cradle: ¥6,600 / day
Nearby Services

Next door to Marinoa is a large outlet mall (of the same name, so some confusion with taxi drivers!) with many stores (mainly clothing), some restaurants, and a Starbucks.

As indicated on the map below, one has easy access to various services:

Within a five-minute walk:

  • Convenience store - blue dot

About a 15-20 minute walk to the SW of Marinoa:

  • Two supermarkets (including small restaurant in one) - red flags
  • Large hardware store - blue flag
  • Laundromat - green flag
  • Public bath/spa, with restaurant - orange flag
  • Post office - red dot

About a 15-20 minute walk to the SE of Marinoa:

  • Large hardware store, although the one near Odo (see previous “Kirk’s Take”) is better - blue flag
  • Shopping center with a supermarket and various other stores - red flag
  • Post office - red dot
15-minute bus ride (leaving from outlet mall) or 25-minute walk to the nearest subway station (Meinohama), with direct line to downtown (Tenjin), Shinkansen station, and airport. Also buses from the outlet mall to various downtown locations. Marina office can order a taxi.
Services near Marinoa

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