View of Otaru Marina

Otaru Marina

Taking a break from the multipart “Kirk’s Take” series on my favourite moorage ports, this month I highlight Hokkaido as a cruising destination, as I recently reported for Asia-Pacific Boating.

I started my full Japan circumnavigation by going around Hokkaido. I loved Hokkaido and thought that no other region of Japan could be such a wonderful cruising ground. And then I thought the same thing about the Sea of Japan coast. And then Kyushu. And so on.

The reality is that every region of Japan has its own unique qualities and attractions. It’s impossible to say that one region is better than all the others, and it is the sum total of the diverse regions that makes Japan such a fascinating place to cruise. But Hokkaido has a special place in my heart because it is where I learned how to cruise Japan and where I first experienced Japanese omotenashi hospitality.

To read more about cruising Hokkaido, see my article in Asia-Pacific Boating.

Also, those interested in the bureaucratic aspects of entering and cruising Japan might find my earlier article in Asia-Pacific Boating to be of interest.

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