Japanese cuisine is considered one of the best in the world, and for good reason – fresh ingredients, meticulous preparation, and eye-pleasing presentation. And that also goes for non-Japanese food. It's almost impossible to get a bad meal in Japan. Combine that with popular Japanese liquors – sake, shochu (Kyushu), and awamori (Okinawa), as well as beer, of course – and you will eat and drink like a king or queen in Japan.

Here are a very few of the many culinary highlights from my Japanese cruising life.

A photo of Kirk
Sampling sake at a local brewery in Matsue, Shimane.
A photo of Kirk in a boat house restaurant
Enjoying a magnificent seafood dinner, washed down by an ice-cold beer, while enjoying the ocean view from a converted funaya (boat house) in Ine, Kyoto, on the Sea of Japan coast.
A photo of Japanese meal
Unagi (grilled eel) and soba noodles in Soma, Fukushima (northeast Pacific coast).
A photo of a meal set
Fresh chirashi sushi at a fisherman's market in Kamae, Oita (east coast of Kyushu).
A photo of homemade crumpets
Homemade crumpets with baked apple and vanilla ice cream, with Blue Mountain coffee, at a café in Kurahashi, Hiroshima. I've sailed six hours out of my way to moor at the nearby Umi no Eki just to have the crumpets!

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